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Wife SMS – Hindi Wife SMS

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Wife SMS is a section dedicated to wonderful relationship of Husband and wife. With this Hindi Wife SMS we would like to express our thanks to the the best relation God has ever created. This relationship has everything, drama, comedy, tragedy, anger, Love, passion, ruthana manana, aur un sabase upar ek dusare ka saath nibhana…

Republic Day Messages – Best Republic Day Messages 2012

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I send Republic Day Messages early in the morning every year on 26th January, instead of sleeping for long time. This is because, many of us celebrates the Republic Day by sleeping whole day. Come on friends…Don’t get lazy…Wake up…It’s our republic day….Value this day…n send plenty of Republic Day Messages to others so that they also value this day.

Republic Day SMS Do Not miss Hindi Republic Day SMS on 26thJan

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Republic Day SMS are mostly send on 26th January. Being a national holiday everyone enjoys this day but no one realizes sacrifices done by our freedom fighters. Hence I have given here many HIndi Republic Day SMS for you and hoping that you will forward them to your friends.

Log ruthkar rah jaatein hai Dil ki baat…

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Log ruthkar rah jaatein hai,
Dil ki baat dil mein daba jaate hain,
Zamana teji ka hai,
Phir kyon nahin aeroplane si udaan bharte hain!
Kalam se khat par leekh kar kabootar udaana hua ab poorana,
Sonchtein hain yeh to zamana hua deewana!

Kya hua jo usne racha li mehndi Hamm…

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Kya hua jo usne racha li mehndi,
Hamm bhi aab sehra sajayenge,
Mujhe ptta tha ke vo aapne naseeb main nhi hai,
Ab uski chotti behen ko fasayenge…..

no visits no calls no sms’s no letters…

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no visits…
no calls..
no sms’s…
no letters…
no missed calls..
I’m worried…
kya hua zoo waalon ne dobara pakad liya kya?

Hindi SMS 140: Save Time By Sending Cute Hindi SMS 140 Words

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Hindi SMS 140

hindi sms 140 always looks simple and sober. Yes, with hindi sms 140 one can save time as well as money. Because hindi sms 140 matches with the character limit of sms send through the phone.

In today’s world people want everything in mini form like I-pad, mini cars, mini refrigerators, smart phones and the list continues. In the same manner, at the time of sending hindi sms people also prefer mini sms like hindi sms 140.

Our life has become more busy so we hardly get time to communicate with each other. Regardless of our tight schedule people sends hindi sms 140 for sharing happiness and convey regards.

Sometimes people feels very boring and irritating while reading too long hindi sms so it will be always better to send hindi sms 140. In such situations hindi sms 140 plays very important role for sharing happy moments and joy.

I think hindi sms 140 looks very simple and sober and it is a good substitute to that lengthy sms as well as e-mails. If we can convey our regards to our loved ones with hindi sms 140 then why to use long sms.

That’s why we have created this website hindisms140.com where you will get only hindi sms 140. So next time when you will send messages to your loved ones and friends use only hindi sms 140.

Hindi sms 140

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